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Monster Hunter Generations  is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Capcom. Monster Hunter Generations features gameplay similar to past titles in the series. The player assumes the role of a hunter who embarks on quests to hunt dangerous creatures. A hunter’s abilities are determined by the type of armor and weapons that they wear on a quest, as the hunter otherwise has no intrinsic attributes that affect gameplay. All fourteen weapon types from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, ranging from swords, hammers, bows, guns, and lances, are included in Monster Hunter Generations, in addition to the new Prowler mode which allows the player to take the role of a Felyne, a sentient cat-like species. Each weapon has different sets of moves and abilities that can be employed while in the field.In Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, players will have the chance to work together with up to three other players over local and online multiplayer simultaneously. They’ll also be able to transfer over their save data from the original Monster Hunter Generations.There are multiple quests to take part in as you hunt down specific monsters; you can use six different hunting styles in battle; and there are a ton of weapons, armor and other items to collect and try out for a custom hunting experience.