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    • 21st JulNintendo Switch Lite

      By The Games Store

      Nintendo has revealed a new Switch and it’s called the Switch Lite. The Switch Lite is designed explicitly as a handheld: you can’t connect it to your TV, and the Joy-Con controllers are built right in. There are improvements of better battery life , and its much lighter. The Switch Lite also feels more sturdy since the Joy-Con controllers are now part of the device. The controller layout is largely identical on the Lite, though the new Switch has a proper d-pad, replacing the not-so-precise directional buttons on the original. The Lite will be released in multiple colors such as yellow , grey and turquoise.  The new device has a 5.5 inch display compared to 6.2 inch on its predecessor. The Lite will also be cheaper ($100) less than its predecessor.